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Potomac Soccer Association Club Dues  
MSYSA Registration and/or US Club Registration (includes player insurance)
Fall and Spring Practice Sessions: Two sessions per week (locations may include the MD SoccerPlex or CUPF fields and private facilities in Montgomery County)
Winter Practice Sessions: One practice session per week and an indoor league or two practices per week (varies by age)
Technical Director, Director(s) of Coaching and Administrative Support
United States Soccer Federation (USSF) professionally licensed coaching fees 
Coaching education from United Soccer Coaches Association (USCA)
League Fees (EDP, CCL Championship, NCSL) (USYSA National League may be subject to additional fees)
Event Fees - vary by age group (College Showcases, Tournaments, Scrimmagefests, Festivals) 
Game Fields – K-1st, U7/8, & U9 CUPF or private facilities; U10 to U12 (may include Muldoon’s Farm); U13 and up Maryland SoccerPlex
All Referee League Fees
Free Play sessions for U8-U12
Goalkeeper Training: specialized training for team goalies U9 and up
Striker Training: specialized training for all players
SAQ Training: specialized training for all players
Academy Night Training: club training for U13 and up
Age appropriate training curriculum established by USSF focusing on long-term player development
Formal player evaluations
College advisory and support for U16 and up which includes "College Fit" software platform
Team Snap account
Administrative support and training from office staff to all coaches, managers and volunteers to assist with the successful functioning of each team

Fee does not include, required player uniform kit (two jerseys, two shorts, two socks, two training tops, warm ups, bag and/or Goalkeeper Jerseys, shorts), players travel related costs or coaches travel related costs (varies by league/age). Additional costs may include but are not limited to, tournament travel, additional practice fields, additional league costs, leadership training, individual training, camps, clinics and international travel. Uniform numbers are assigned by the coach.

Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

Uniform Vendor:   

Mid-Season Transfers or Additions

Fees will be pro-rated based on the month that the player joins, then divided by 10 after initial fee. 

For the U7/8 Player Development Academy teams, there will be a $300 initial fee for joining at any time. Fees are divided into three “seasons” (Fall, Winter, Spring) and will be assessed according to the season that the player joins.

High School Team U15 and up fees will be assessed Nov. 1, Jan. 1, Mar. 1 after initial $400 fee for joining. Some teams will choose to sit out for the Fall Season. Other teams that have players that are not participating in high school sports may choose to participate in league play. Many high school team coaches do not support players playing club soccer during the high school season. Coaches and Technical staff will work with the players to determine the best opportunities for players based on this information. All high school team players are scheduled to practice with their age groups one time per week, typically on a weekend day, to provide for contact and team building throughout the Fall season. Teams may choose to participate in a Fall Tournament but many do not start regular and consistent team training until after the high school season has ended. 

Financial Assistance 

Potomac Soccer Association is proud to provide a need-based financial assistance program for families to offset fees associated with participating on a Potomac Soccer Association team. All applicants’ names and information is held in strict confidence by our administrator. To apply, please complete the Application and submit it fully completed, with required documentation and $150 non-refundable deposit by check.  Notification of financial awards will come via email. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. 

Completed applications should be sent to:

Potomac Soccer Association
PO Box 60227
Potomac, MD 20859

Payment Schedule and Payment Options:

An initial payment that is non-refundable and not transferable is due within 2 days (48 hours) of acceptance of a roster spot if Installment Plan is chosen.

Option #1 Pay in Full – Payment in Full must be made by Sept. 1st.

Option #2 - Automatic Charge Payment Plan: Annual Player fee, less initial installment that is non-refundable and non-transferable, plus 5 installments.  All installment plans will be charged a $10 per installment processing fee.

The remaining balance MAY be paid in 5 payments if a credit card is provided for automatic monthly debiting. If you fail to provide a credit card for automatic recurring billing, your account will be on a manual payment plan and you will be required to log into your account each month to manually pay your dues.

You must select the option for this plan when accepting the roster spot and paying your initial installment payment. Each payment is due on the following dates, and considered late by the 15th of the month and subject to a $15 late fee:

Initial Payment #1 Due Upon Acceptance of Roster Spot

Installment #2 September 1

Installment #3 October 1

Installment #4 November 1

Installment #5 December 1

Installment #6 January 1

Payments must be made by credit card. However, if you need to pay by check, you must contact the office at 301-519-8070 or by email [email protected].

All payments are considered late after the 15th of the month and will incur a $15 late fee. 

A $35 processing fee will be charged for all returned checks.

High School Aged Teams (U16 – U19)

Our Club Champions League teams will have two game dates and practice once per week (usually on a Sunday) until after the High School season.

Our NCSL High School aged teams typically sit out during the fall season but will practice once per week until after the High School season is completed (usually on a Sunday).

An initial payment that is non-refundable and not transferable is due within 2 days (48 hours) of acceptance of a roster spot if Installment Plan is chosen.

Option #1 Pay in Full – Payment in Full 
Option #2  Automatic Charge Payment plan - Annual Player fee, less initial installment that is non-refundable and not transferable, plus 3 installments.  All installment plans will be charged a $10 per installment processing fee.
IInitial payment $400
Installment #1 - Nov. 1 $600 
Installment #2 - Jan. 1 $800 
Installment #3 - Mar 1 $800 

Under 7/8 Player Development Academy Program Payment Plan

Automatic Charge Payment Plan: Initial non-refundable and non-transferable payment of $400 due at the time they join, plus 3 equal payments due Sept. 1, Dec. 1, Mar. 1. with auto payments. There is a $10 credit card installment fee for each payment.

All payment are considered late after the 15th of the month and will incur a $15 late fee.

Late Payments

It is the player’s/family’s responsibility to remain current with the payments and maintain the membership in good standing. In the event that payments are not made within 30 days of the payment due date, the club will take the following actions: 31 days late: Notify Director of Coaching, Coach and Manager of balance due and that member is not in good standing. Player will receive a warning that if payment is not made within 30 days, the Director of Coaching will be notified and appropriate actions taken by the Executive Director (suspension from games, suspension from practices and games, suspension from club, etc.)

61 days late: Director of Coaching will discuss past due balances with the Executive Director and appropriate sanctions of player and family will take place until such time as player and family become a member in good standing. Member Player accounts with balances that are greater than 60 past due should expect that their participation in team and club activities will be suspended until such time as the balance due is paid in full.

Refund Policy and Releases

To play for a Potomac Soccer Association team is a full 10-month (9- month for High School teams) commitment to your coach, your teammates and the club for which you accept a roster spot. Players may ask to be released from their team according to the particular guidelines, rules and regulations of their team’s league and in accordance with Maryland State Soccer Youth Association. ALL FEES FOR THE SEASONAL YEAR MUST BE PAID IN FULL TO BE CONSIDERED IN GOOD STANDING UPON RELEASE. PLAYERS THAT DO NOT FULFILL THEIR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS WILL BE REPORTED TO THE STATE ASSOCIATION AS IN BAD STANDING. This policy applies to players who voluntarily request a release from a team prior to the completion of the year (August 1 to July 31). 

Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

As Potomac Soccer Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit youth program, and operate on a cash in, cash out basis, as such, we do not grant refunds. However, refunds would be considered under the following extenuating circumstances (no refunds of any kind will be considered after April 1st). Any refunds that are granted will incur a $25 administrative fee.

1.       Season ending injury

2.       Family relocation due to job or military assignment

Player Releases Due to Injury

If a player is injured and cannot participate with his/her team, a Doctor’s note pertaining to this injury must be submitted to the Executive Director within five (5) days after the injury. After executive review, if merited, payments may be suspended until player is cleared (with Doctor’s note) to return to play. Fees and payments will continue to accrue for all players not in compliance with this policy regardless of injury.

Potomac Memorial Tournament

Each year Potomac Soccer holds one of the largest boy’s college showcase tournaments in the country during Memorial Day weekend. This tournament is our main fundraising event. Approximately 445 teams from all over the United States and Canada participate. PSA relies heavily on its families to help run the tournament which encompasses several sites around Montgomery County and the Maryland SoccerPlex. Volunteers from each team are expected and required to participate every year as a part of their commitment to a Potomac Soccer team.  Volunteer responsibilities include, field marshaling, team registration, equipment and field set up to name a few. Each PSA boys team participates in this high level tournament free of charge. A tournament volunteer is required to participate in all meetings leading up to the event, the first of which is usually in January of the year. Each team is required to sell at least two ads for the tournament book for additional fundraising which also starts in January or February. All Potomac families should “Save the date” to ensure their availability to volunteer that weekend! The Potomac Memorial Tournament starts the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and concludes Monday, Memorial Day.

Code of Conduct

Potomac Soccer Association has a Code of Conduct for which all Players and Parents are subject. This is an addition to any league or other association mandates. Potomac Soccer Association reserves the right to release a player from the Association, without contest, should any violation occur. No refunds will be given.

Concussion Policy

Potomac Soccer is committed to safe practice and provides a Sports Concussion Program to educate parents, student-athletes, and coaches about the nature and risks of concussions, and procedures to detect and treat these brain injuries prior to safe return to play. Coaches, parents and student-athletes form a team to work together to identify concussions once they occur and ensure safe return to play. 

It is incumbent upon every parent and player at Potomac soccer Association to be in compliance with this policy

Background check
All coaches, staff and volunteer personnel are subject to background checks.