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Potomac Soccer Association

Code of Conduct and Policies

Membership is not a right, but rather is a privilege conditioned on compliance at all times with the applicable version of the Potomac Soccer Association's ("the Club") Code of Conduct, Concussion Policy and Financial Policy, as amended from time to time. 

1. Player  and Parents promise and agrees to comply fully with the Club's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct expressly prohibits possession and/or use of Alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substance, (unless prescribed specifically for Player by a licensed physician). Player and club fees and Team fees paid upon violation of the Club's code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct does not allow a Player to be a guest player for any other club without the prior written consent of the Club's head coach.  
2. Player's and Parent agrees to comply fully with any and all Code(s) of Conduct required by the league in which the player participates and any and all governing associations.
MSYSA Code of Conduct
NCSL Parent Code of Conduct NCSL Leader Code of Conduct  NCSL Player Code of Conduct 
3. Destruction of property or violation of State, Federal, International, Country-specific or other law is cause for dismissal.
4. Player and Parents waive all claims against and release the Club and its related persons from all liability for personal injury or property damage arising from participation in games and practices, travel, meals, and overnight accommodations. 

5. Player and Parents acknowledge the Club's Concussion Policy, which prohibits any player who has suffered any apparent brain trauma from returning to play in that game or any subsequent game without a doctor's release and return to play plan. 
6. Player and Parents also acknowledge that the club and related persons (specifically including its board members, officers, employees, coaches, managers, parent drivers, and chaperons) are not responsible for loss or theft of personal property. 

7. Player and Parents agree to comply with the Club's Financial Policy, which requires the Player and Parents to pay all Club fees (registration, uniforms, etc.) and all Team fees (tournaments, travel, etc.) when and as those fees become due and payable. Fees are due on the 1st of the month and late by the 15th of the month. A $5 late fee will be assessed if payment is received after the 15th of the month. Arrangements may be made to pay Club fees in installments satisfactory to the Club, but the Club's Financial Policy requires that all team fees be paid on the date specified by the Club. Player and Parent agree that Club may suspend Player's playing privileges during any period when Player and Parents are not in compliance with the Club's Financial Policy and may terminate Player's membership in the Club if the Player is out of compliance with the Club's Financial Policy for more than 30 days. No refunds are available upon termination. 
8. Player and Parents consent to the Club's use of Player's name, age group, school, photograph or likeness, and award information to promote the Club, Player's Team and Player. 

This Club's Code of Conduct, Standards and Policies are published on the Club's website and may be read or downloaded. Is it your responsibility to read and familiarize yourself with these policies.