Potomac Soccer Association

Junior Coaches Program


Junior Coaches Program Introduction

The Potomac Soccer Junior Coaches Program was established in 2012 to allow boys and girls the opportunity to earn SSL hours, by assisting coaches throughout the club in club clinics, practices and summer camps.

Program Philosophy

By providing our players the opportunity to coach we feel this will have an impact not only on those players participating in the program but also the younger players that they are working with. It is important for younger kids beginning in the game to have role models as many may still not be aware or enthused by older professional players. By using older youth players for demonstrations and practices this is more realistic to the players encouraging them to practice certain skills. This all helps to create a healthy club environment in which players from all age groups come together and develop a bond and affiliation for the club that will last a life time.  

Program Mission

Our aim is to provide Potomac players the opportunity to earn SSL hours in an environment they are familiar and enthusiastic. By providing this service we feel it will be a great experience for them to learn valuable life skills such as communication, cooperation, organization, and discipline.  

To register, please contact mars.rabara@potomacsoccer.org.